Alondra Ladd

Innovative film and media composer. Singer and Multi-instrumentalist. Bringing reggae and dance in "Miss Cactus and the Desert"

For Alondra, writing music compares to no other thing on this planet. Upon the completion of her first song ever at 18, she went on to experiment with different styles of composition- such include, baroque, jazz (Gypsy jazz and traditional), and other contemporary music. As a violinist, Alondra has been inspired by her extensive knowledge in classical repertoire as well as the popular genres she loves listening to. Alondra grew up watching her father writing jingles for companies on commission, and then got involved herself with music and media in NYC while attending college in NJ. Once at Berklee College of Music Alondra declared a major in Film Scoring after being fascinated by her Intro to Film Scoring Class. Alondra finds joy in helping film and media directors/producers find more expressive meaning to their visual work through adapting music to motion picture.

Alondra is a very versatile musician, her principal instrument at while at Berklee College of Music has been violin, with which she has professionally gigged in bands. However, she has also been highly involved in projects as a singer, including Berklee’s acclaimed Bob Marley Ensemble and her own project Miss Cactus & the Desert, and has also been an avid lover of guitar and piano. Alondra’s passion for the learning of different instruments led her to work as a private instructor as well.


Theme Composition written by Alondra Ladd.

Film Score by Alondra Ladd

Cue written by Alondra Ladd.

Song written for D’Herde East Studio commercial. Music, Lyrics and  performance by Alondra Ladd.

Song written and produced by Alondra Ladd for short film “Model Rockets."

Gypsy Jazz tune written by Alondra Ladd. featuring Rodrigo Carmona on guitar, Pete De Reyna on Bass, and Alondra Ladd on violin. 

Song, lyrics and vocal performance by Alondra during her time in the Berklee grunge project “Mole”.