Alondra Ladd

Innovative film and media composer. Singer and Multi-instrumentalist. Bringing reggae and dance in "Miss Cactus and the Desert"

The Boston based seven piece band "Miss cactus & the Desert" does not fail to bring in the dreamy coastal vibes as you listen to their danceable grooves and catchy hooks. The band is lead by Alondra (Miss Cactus), a singer and multi-instrumentalist who had performed widely as a soloist in the east Coast (primarily in NJ and NYC), prior to moving to Boston due to her admission to Berklee College of Music. While at school, Miss Cactus met a wonderful set of musicians who enjoyed bringing life to a project she had long envisioned. Therefore, with Miss cactus' gypsy sense of melody and song, a groovin' rhythm section, some flavorful horn players from Puerto Rico, angelic back up vocalists and some other psychedelia inducing ingredients, the band was able to create their refreshing and unique sound. So get ready to sit back and listen to Miss Cactus & the Desert- their songs will surely leave you humming and feeling a magical after-taste.

Miss Cactus and the desert has began to make people dance at their many Boston shows. They had their debut performance as a feature for with the Duck Village Stage Sessions and have an upcoming tour in the northeast and puerto rico- dates to be released soon.


The band has released one single, “Laugh at the confusion” and plans to release their first EP in May.

Get lost in the dreamy reggae indie sounds of Miss Cactus & the Desert's first single release. With Miss Cactus' etherial vocal melodies, danceable reggae dub influences, some flavorful horns, and some extra psychedelic ingredients, this track will have you swimming through the waves of warm breeze and beautiful touch of angst.

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