Hailing from New Jersey, Alondra Ladd was born to a family of successful touring musicians in Mexico- her father being a well known performer and songwriter for major record labels, and her mother being a touring singer. She began experimenting with the violin when she moved to New Jersey with her family during her middle school years. It was in high school however that she took up music much more seriously; she formed part of various orchestras, including the Newark Greater Youth Orchestra coached by members of the NJ Symphony.

Soon after, Alondra began gigging as a singer-songwriter, freelance violinist, private instructor, and got involved with writing for media. 

In 2015, Ms. Ladd enrolled at Berklee College of Music where she completed a bachelor degree in Film Scoring to further her knowledge in composition and the adaptation of music in film and media. Alondra has interned in Los Angeles and also composed independently. She finds inspiration in composers such as Kris Bowers and Germaine de Franco, who push the envelop of film scoring style with their production and songwriting skills as well as their focus heavily on social justice and cultural representation.

Alondra has gigged as a singer-songwriter, freelance violinist, private instructor, has produced records and has worked on short films. She has also directed various music videos and overall has a strong passion for the merging of music and visuals.



Photographer: Lucas Hobbes O'Neil