Alondra Ladd

Innovative film and media composer. Singer and Multi-instrumentalist. Bringing reggae and dance in "Miss Cactus and the Desert"

Alondra Ladd is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and composer based out of Berklee College of Music. Alondra was born to a family of successful touring musicians in Mexico- her father being a well known performer and songwriter for major record labels, and her mother being a touring singer. Despite this, she developed her interest in music rather late in her life. She began experimenting with the violin when she moved to New Jersey with her family during her middle school years. It was in high school however that she took up music much more seriously; she formed part of various orchestras, including the Newark Greater Youth Orchestra coached by members of the NJ Symphony and beginning to freelancing as a singer at Mexican restaurants in NJ. Her rapid progress in music also landed her private instruction gigs in violin, voice and guitar. 

At the age of 18, she began writing songs and performing acoustic sets at great venues in NJ and NYC,such as The Bitter Endand Vivaldi Cafe. At this time she had already graduated high school and was attending Montclair State University but her growing passion for music lead her to apply for Berklee College of Music . 

Once in Berklee, Alondra became involved with various projects and developed her versatility as a musician. She has gigged as a session and live violinist for orchestral settings at Berklee, but has also gigged as a fiddler, vocalist and guitarist for cover bands and original acts.

Alondra has grown as a singer, songwriter and arranger. She leads her own reggae and Latin influenced project, which is a seven piece band under the name of Miss Cactus & the Desert. The band has since performed vigorously in Boston and NYC and have recorded their first music video and EP which will be coming out last the end of March. Alondra has also been a long time dancer and incorporates her knowledge in her artistic performances. She has been involved with the Dance Complex, Jeanette Neill Dance Studio and became one of the first Berklee students to become a dance minor after Berklee's merge with the Boston Conservatory.

Alondra's passion lies in creating art and composing music. She took up film scoring as a major which has helped her become familiar with the use of DAW and Midi sequencing. She has composed several pieces in different styles, and has showcased some of her work at the "Society of Composers" Spring Concert where the chair of the Composition Department, Richard Carrick, highly praised her for her piece "Last Eve." She has also been involved with Berklee's "Women's Film Initiative" club and "The Film Scoring Network." Alondra enjoys conducting and orchestrating and plans on becoming a Film Scoring intern in LA, where will move to once she graduates with a  Bachelor  degree in Film Scoring. Alondra has scored one short film and is negotiating to score documentaries in the near future. 




Photographer: Lucas Hobbes O'Neil